Steering Committee

Sanne de Munck

Manager Young Patrons Circle


Sanne was five years old when her mother took her to Dutch National Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty. She fell in love and ever since she has been a regular visitor of the ballet as well as the opera. After her studies in Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam, she moved to Copenhagen to study African Studies. During her master’s degree she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.  “It was an amazing opportunity for me to work on the campaign of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a temporary seat in the UN Security Council”, she says, “but after three years I decided to leave and travel the world for a while.” For almost five months she roamed around Asia and Africa before returning to her beloved Amsterdam.

The second she saw the job opening for manager of the Young Patrons Circle, she was sold. “I still find what happens here on stage as well as backstage absolutely magical. To be able to share my love, passion and enthusiasm  for opera and ballet with other young people really is a dream come true. The Young Patrons Circle allows Dutch National Opera & Ballet to keep producing world class performances and I’m honored to be part of this special group.”

Stephanie van Rappard

Chairwoman of the Steering Committee & Initiator Young Patrons Circle


During her study Architecture at the Technical University in Delft, Stephanie spent most of her time abroad including a year at the Graduate School of Architecture of Columbia University in New York, a few months at the Architectural Association in London and three months in Banda Aceh (Indonesia) for the master project Urban Emergencies, an investigation of post-Tsunami urban responses.

In 2009 Stephanie set up Run for Human Rights Watch to raise money for specific projects of Human Rights Watch by running the marathon of New York together with a group of successfull young professionals and raising attention for HRW. So far (in the last five years) Run for Human Rights Watch raised more than 500.000 euros for HRW.

February 2014 she published her own global travel guide,, together with her highschool friend Céline Bent.

"It is a great honor to work at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, one of the foremost ballet companies and opera houses of the world. Among many other cultural institutions in Amsterdam, Dutch National Opera & Ballet also needs to attract a younger audience. Therefore I set up the Young Patrons Circle to engage more young professionals and improve our image. I am particularly excited about the international aspect, since we will use the international stature of Dutch National Opera & Ballet to its advantage and will establish international partnerships with the most prestigious opera and ballet houses in the world and their young patrons circles."

Jessica van Aken

Marketing & Entertainment


Currently I am head of Memberships & Business Development at the members only club A'DAM&Co. & involved in the travel app Flamyngo. Last year, I was an Ambassador for the International YPC gala. It was such a pleasure to help connect a younger audience to Opera & Ballet. I was stunned to see how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears went into these productions.

It is such an important part of our culture and  the YPC is raising awareness on a whole new innovative & creative level, that I immediately felt drawn to them. The fact that they gave a modern twist to the performance during the gala in June shows that they are also trying to adapt to a younger generation.

I feel honored to be part of such a committed and dedicated group to make sure that the children of our children will still be able to enjoy Opera & Ballet in the future.


Sabine Baak

Creative Content


Sabine Baak is a journalist, presenter and art lover. Her love of art is something that's a part of her work and private life. Although she's above all a news journalist, she found a way to tell stories about art as well as politics and crime. She started her career at the NOS Journaal and Nieuwsuur and worked as an editor in chief at De Wereld Draait Door for several years. She was also deputy editor in chief during the founding years of VOGUE in the Netherlands. For the last couple of years she has been an editor in chief at WNL: a young public broadcasting agency where she helpt develop new television programs.

Sabine: 'I love learning about art and feel very privileged to have acces to all the beautiful things art has to offer. For me the Young Patrons Circle is the perfect way to learn about opera and ballet and I'm proud that I can contribute to the growth of the Circle through the Steering Committee. It's so important to realize that art is not something we can take for granted. We have to invest in art as well as enjoy it. And the Young Patron Circle is all about both.'


Tessa Florence Duste

Creative Content


Tessa has always been keen on challenges and that is why after studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft, she started her own business. Around this time she has founded two successful companies, all in line with her vision to make cities more livable and sustainable.  Also in the cultural scene she's always been very involved, after the purchase of her first painting in 2010 her love for contemporary art has evolved strongly.

Thus the request to participate as a steering committee member for the YPC was an easy one to answer. Her goal within the YPC is to reach out to young people and show them the beauty of opera and ballet. She feels the support of cultural institutions should be more in hands of young cultural loves. According to her, support knows many ways; it can be through visits, by participation, by donating or even by spreading enthusiasm.


Hannah Glazebrook



Hannah Glazebrook is proud to have lived in Amsterdam for nearly 3 years, and be apart of such an incredible local initiative. Raised in Manhattan, she grew up around the NYC Ballet and shows at the MET.

She moved to Amsterdam from Anomaly New York's offices, where she currently runs Operations at Anomaly Amsterdam, who have partnered with Dutch National Opera in the past.

Hannah about being part of the Steering Committee: “As a member I get the opportunity to highlight and raise support for a cultural organization I truly believe in.” And she's not a stranger to fundraising. She also worked to raise money for organizations like the Rainforest Foundation, where she threw multiple events in NYC for youth awareness and also runs marathons on behalf of the foundation Every Mother Counts.


Nina van Heuveln

Sponsors & Partnerships and International Weekend YPC Gala


Nina van Heuveln is a consultant in contemporary art in Amsterdam. After her studies on history of art and working experience in several galleries in Amsterdam, Nina worked for an art consultancy firm in London. Since April 2016, Nina has set up her own company Heuv Art that is specialized in sourcing contemporary artworks by emerging artists.

'When I was little I always wanted to be a ballerina. I enrolled ballet class and enjoyed watching ballet performances with my parents. The first ballet I saw was The Nutcracker in Dutch National Opera & Ballet - this performance I can still remember. For opera I, however, never really developed a taste. The Young Patrons Circle have guided me through the actual experience of opera with their events. Now I am really impressed by the dreamy stories, the qualities of the voices and also the creative settings on stage. Opera & ballet as a form of art should be taken seriously and the Young Patrons Circle should stimulate more youngsters to visit.'

Sacha Rinnooy Kan

Marketing, Communication & Press


After studying marketing in Amsterdam, Sacha decided to move to London where she quickly found a job in PR at a high end British fashion brand. While working she discovered her passion for organising and her ability to multitask, which resulted in a career switch to event and PR organiser at the luxury and fashion forward Blakes boutique Hotel in South Kensington. After two exciting years in London, she decided to move back to Amsterdam.

“Even though I grew up in a family where classical music was a big part of our weekly Sunday routine, I realise there is still a lot to learn and discover about the performing arts. Joining the Young Patron Circle will be an exciting opportunity to do so!”


Peter Leung

Young Creative Associate at Dutch National Ballet


Peter trained as a ballet dancer at The Royal Ballet School, London. He has danced for the last 18 years with Bavarian State Ballet Munich, Dutch National Ballet and Le Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon. He has been creating his own body of work as a choreographer over the last decade and is currently expanding his knowledge base to create multidispline work. He is one of the creative directors of interdisciplinary arts company House of Makers that have created work for site specific events as well as for museums and galleries such as Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Van Gogh Museum, Galerie Ron Mandos, Gallery Rolt.

“Having spent the last thirteen years as a dancer with Dutch National Ballet I’ve always been super excited to share what we do in this wonderful opera house. I see the theatre as a sort of modern day church where you can go and be inspired by living art that puts the beauty of the past besides the excitement of the future."

John Luijs

Strategy & Planning


John Luijs is the Associate Director of Healthcare Payers & Providers at the Boston Consulting Group. John has been at BCG since 2003, primarily based in BCG's Amsterdam office but working on projects in many different countries. John is part of BCGs global Healthcare Payers & Providers leadership team, and within this practice he is the global topic leader for cost & quality of care management and advanced analytics for Healthcare Payers.  John is the (co) author of numerous BCG publications related to cost and quality of healthcare, practice variation, global aging and big data analytics in healthcare, and is a regular speaker at conventions on these topics.

Outside of Healthcare he has strong functional expertise in M&A, Post Merger Integration and Change Management. John has led more than 10 Post Merger Integrations in different countries, and regularly facilitates workshops for senior management  on change management and leadership during transformations.

Why the Young Patron Steering Committee? "I grew up with a father that was passionate about opera and a mother that loved ballet, and it rubbed off. National Opera & Ballet is world class in both art forms, and I am very proud I can support such a great institution in becoming even better".


Ramsey Nasr


Ramsey Nasr is an actor (at Toneelgroep Amsterdam) and a writer/poet. Ever since he started studying in Antwerp, Belgium, he’s been a big lover of opera and classical music, from early medieval polyphony to contemporary music. He has directed several operas and tries to involve music in most of his work – in his poems for instance and: “As cliché as it might sound – I can’t imagine a life without music (though I realize how pathetic that might sound)."

When asked to become part of the YPC steering committee, he immediately said yes, because he’s convinced that more – and especially more diverse – people should come and experience productions of De Nationale Opera & Ballet. Why? “There is something unexpected, something irrational about opera and ballet that eludes and fascinates me: an orchestral prelude, a flute solo, a massive chorus eruption or a gentle soprano top note, the decor, the body movements of two dancing lovers, or just the light, the libretto, the story. To be more precise: when all that comes together. An opera or ballet performance can be a life changing experience. It’s rare, because it’s rare to have all those elements come together at the same time, in the same place. But if they do, such an experience can change you. To me, opera and ballet are not a divertissement, not just distraction. They are essential. they can have their effect on our everyday lives, on the way we look at things. That’s why I hope to see you at the De Nationale Opera & Ballet.”


Tim Oldeman

Sponsorships & Partnerships


Tim Oldeman is currently working in the Netherlands as Business Manager at Alphabet, a daughter of the BMW Group. Previously he worked at R&S Retail Group, a small PE firm specialized in the retail sector. He was there during the listing of R&S at Euronext Amsterdam, and he managed the processes around the merger between R&S and FNG. Before that Tim worked at the investment banking division of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam and Heineken USA in New York.

"It was in St. Petersburg that I fully became to appreciate the art form of Ballet and Opera. Sitting in the Imperial Mariinsky Theater, watching the Russian Ballet and listening to the orchestra under Valery Gergiev, that was just incredible. As a child, I had gone to Ballet with my parents in the Netherlands, but in Russia I went by myself for the first time and I absolutely loved it. As a member of the Steering Committee I hope to inspire other young people to appreciate the beautiful art forms of both Opera and Ballet."


Heleen van Poecke

International Relations New York


Heleen is currently a pre-MBA student  and until recently worked as an Associate in the AlpInvest Amsterdam Private Equity Fund Investment Team. Before joining AlpInvest in 2012, she has worked at AtlasInvest and Greenhill &Co in Brussels and London. Heleen holds a BSc and MSc from the Erasmus School of Economics.

Unlike many other SC members, I did not grown up with opera and ballet. I think the YPC is a great initiative to not only give long-time opera and ballet lovers a unique chance to support the NO&B, but to also give people like myself a chance to discover the world of opera and ballet. I joined the SC because I hope to be able to also help engage young people who do not  already have a strong bond with opera and ballet.  


Alexander van der Wyck

International Relations London


Born in London, raised in Holland. Growing up I would spend my holidays with my father, who would always have music blasting through the house, which was more often than not Opera. Started my working life in finance, after which i decided to shift my focus on business development and helping young consumer driven businesses grow. And training my dog to learn seemingly useless new tricks.

I joined the YPCs SC to help spread the magic of Opera and Ballet to a wider audience, but more importantly draw awareness to the my own generation that without financial support this internationally respected institution has a very hard time continuing to create such amazing productions. Both opera and ballet have something very magical, the beauty of the music and the amazing dedication and talent of the performers are something very much worthwhile cherishing and preserving!